Lemony Braised Duck Legs in a Sumac Tomato Sauce

I remember the first time I came up with this recipe, it was to use up a couple of leftover duck legs and to create something from the ingredients in my kitchen cupboard. At that time, I was going through a lot of Middle Eastern recipes and hence the inspiration to use some Middle Eastern flavours such as sumac and lemons. It turned out to be a satisfying dish and I tried recreating it just last night. This time round, I made notes so I could record it here and come back to it if need be in the future 😉

Since the local eating habits here in the French countryside extend beyond the usual chicken-lamb-beef variety of meat, it’s quite easy to source meat such as duck, rabbit, quail, etc, things that required a trip to a specialty store in Dublin. It also gives people like me who want to experiment in the kitchen, the chance to play with different ingredients and learn more about cooking with different varieties of poultry and game. Keeps it interesting!

duck legs with sumac

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