Chicken Satay & Satay Sauce

We love Asian food in all its guises – diverse Indian dishes and subtly flavoured Chinese ones, the various kinds of nasi you get throughout south east Asia, the fusion cuisine of Malaysia…the list goes on. I have also always loved recreating these dishes in my own kitchen. Whenever an attempt at making a rendang or a nasi lemak turns out well, I am over joyed!

asian satay recipe

Indonesian cuisine is very dear to Peter’s heart (what with the Dutch connection to Indonesia) especially as he grew up in Holland. As a child, a visit to the local Chinese restaurant was a much anticipated event for him. These Chinese restaurants actually serve a combination of Chinese and Indonesian dishes, something that’s unique to them and cannot be easily found outside of the Netherlands.

asian grilled chicken

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Chicken, Okra & Sausage Gumbo

We’re counting ourselves lucky to be spending the winter here in California where temperatures are quite mild. Having said that, the last few days have seen a drop with really chilly mornings and evenings. When the weather gets nippy, there’s nothing better than a warming bowl of stew and that’s exactly why I made a large pot of gumbo last evening.

gumbo recipe

We had our first taste of gumbo on our trip through the southern states last year, in New Orleans to be specific. Since then, it’s been on my list of must try recipes. It took living in the US to find all the right ingredients to make this dish and am happy I tried it out. After last evening, gumbo is now officially on our must-have-often list of recipes.

Made using the holy trinity of southern cooking – pepper, onion and celery along with a roux from flour and oil, this dish is perfect for this time of the year.

okra and andouille gumbo

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Kung Pao Chicken – An Easy Weekday Dinner

We are slowly settling into our new surroundings and liking it so far. Most of our belongings are still on a container ship somewhere out there making its slow way to this part of the world. So while I wait to be reunited with my kitchenware, I have begun stacking up on ingredients to help with home cooked meals.

kung pao chicken

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Chicken & Yoghurt Curry

If you’re looking for a mild curry to satisfy your curry cravings then you should try this one. I made this simple dish to accompany the fiery beef stew the other day so that everybody at the table had something to their taste. It went down a treat and so, I thought I’d share it here.

indian chicken curry

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Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Roasted Tomatoes & Cheese

Sometimes you get the urge to not follow a recipe and create a dish as you go along. One of these last evenings, I had the very same urge and decided on a supper dish based on what I saw in the supermarket. I did not want anything fancy and so, a pack of chicken breasts, some spinach and mushrooms along with some lovely taleggio cheese found its way into our shopping basket.

chicken breasts stuffed with tomatoes and cheese

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