Au Revoir Paris!

Our month in Paris flew by. We explored the city in the best way possible – on foot. And although there were times when our feet would scream in protest, we kept strolling through quiet cobbled streets, busy tourist spots and crowded shopping areas discovering this great city.

As we recuperate from our stay in a big bustling city and unwind back in the French countryside while we contemplate our next steps, I thought I’d share a few impressions I gathered during our time in Paris. I did not carry the camera on me all the time, wanting to take in the sights and sounds without being distracted. However, whenever I could, I tried capturing images that I found interesting. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did experiencing them. Captions appear wherever an explanation seemed necessary.

eiffel paris


carousel in paris

metro paris

paris view

paris architecture

park bench paris

cafe in paris


patisserie in paris

cremerie paris

Camondo Museum Paris
Now this is my dream kitchen – the large and spacious kitchen and beautiful copperware (below) in the Nissim de Camondo house and museum in Paris

camondo museum paris

falafel in paris
The busiest falafel shop in the Jewish quarter of the city
falafel marais
Falafel bought from the not so busy shop across the street – tasted as good
creperie paris
The pinkest store we’ve ever been in – Princess Creperie. The staff were quite enthusiastic about taking our picture too

crepes Paris

asian creperie paris

Maille mustard

store sign paris

paris sights

sights in paris

views in Paris

eiffel paris

Paris remains one of our favourite cities in the world, a place we will keep going back to. So this goodbye is only until we see her again!


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