Rabbit in Mustard Sauce – Lapin à la Moutarde

Rabbit or lapin seems to be as commonplace as beef, chicken or lamb in French cuisine. It is commonly available in any local supermarket right beside chicken, duck and other poultry.

Last week, we happened to have a lovely dinner at the local ‘bar tabac’ (the local joint where workers in the area hang out and have their lunch daily or  a beer at the end of the day) where Monique, the lady who runs it, cooked up quite a meal.  We’ve come to love these rustic meals where you’re fed until you have to be rolled out of your seat – the usual meal consists of at least 4 courses if not more, all for a princely sum of around 11-15 EUR including a carafe of wine. So, when at Monique’s place, we tasted the main course of rabbit, it reminded me of how i’d tried out a rabbit in mustard sauce recipe once before. We’d really enjoyed it and when I spotted some great looking rabbit meat on our last supermarket trip, I knew I had to make it once more and share it here.

rabbit stew

lapin a la moutarde

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Chicken & Yoghurt Curry

If you’re looking for a mild curry to satisfy your curry cravings then you should try this one. I made this simple dish to accompany the fiery beef stew the other day so that everybody at the table had something to their taste. It went down a treat and so, I thought I’d share it here.

indian chicken curry

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Spicy Indian Beef Stew

The last few weeks have been both busy and quiet. Busy with family and quiet as we took a week long trip to the Dordogne region, some 3 hours from where we’re at the moment. So, although I’ve been in the kitchen and have tried out interesting recipes, I never really got around to documenting them here.

Yesterday, however, I made an Indian dinner on special request from my dear step father-in-law whose b’day it was and who really loves spicy exotic food. The menu included chicken smothered in a yoghurt sauce, a spicy beef stew and a side dish of pan fried aubergines along with a cucumber coriander raita to cool things off. Dessert was creme brulee indianised by the addition of cardamom and orange zest for extra measure.

Indian dinner

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