Madeira Raisin Loaf Cake

I’ve been away from the kitchen for the last few days. We were in the Netherlands for a close friend’s wedding and spent some time visiting family while we were there.

The weather has not been kind lately. Instead of glorious sunny spring days, we’ve been having a lot of rain with temperatures completely wrong for this time of the year. Yesterday was an exception though. The sun was shining and the skies were bright. I took this as a sign to make something nice after what’s been a long enough break.

madeira loaf cake

cake for teatime

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A Sunny Rainy BBQ & Some Recipe Ideas

Last Tuesday we had a barbecue. It was a warm day with temperatures reaching over 20C,  a pleasant change from the rain and gloom that has pervaded these early spring days. It was a short lived dose of sunshine though as it began drizzling once again even before we could fully wrap up our meal.

barbecue recipes

easy bbq recipes

chocolate mousse

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Indian Lamb Curry – Gosht Dopiaza

I do cook Indian meals quite frequently (although this may not be reflected in the number of ‘Indian Food’ posts here). A hot meal of dal, roti and rice with maybe an additional side dish or meat curry has become a staple in our household.

India is a large country with very distinct cultures and cuisines in its different regions. This means that I still follow recipes once in a while when I feel like doing something different. A few days ago, when there was a request to make an Indian dinner for some family guests, I turned to the internet to look up some inspiration. What I found was a lovely recipe for ‘gosht dopiaza’ or meat with lots of onions – a very popular dish back home in restaurants. I thought I’d give it a try, of course, with heavy customisation. Once you’re comfortable making a curry of any sort, customising recipes to suit your tastes and what’s available becomes second nature.

lamb curry with onions

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Dark Chocolate Madeleines

I recently bought a madeleine mould. Never had one but it’s not long before you give in and get one when you live in France. So I couldn’t wait to use it. Madeleines have always been a favourite of ours. You can’t really resist these pint sized cakes which can take any flavour you want to add to them. I thought of chocolate madeleines because it brings back warm memories of my 1-month course stint at the Dublin Cookery School. It’s been a year now since I did that course (how time flies!) and the first thing that both of us remember is the taste of lovely, crumbly chocolate madeleines that we were welcomed with when we went to have a look around before I decided on joining in. A plate of madeleines and hot cups of coffee later, I was truly and completely sold.

madeleine recipe

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Herbed Pita Bread with Grilled Pork & Tzatziki

I’ve tried making pita bread only once before. The results were quite mediocre which is why I was never tempted to try it again. However, as time has passed, I’ve gained a little experience and confidence in the baking department. The other day, when we were stuck at home thanks to a continuous downpour that showed no signs of stopping, I had to think of ¬†something for supper.

pita bread recipe

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